Kenny Slaught On Santa Barbara Architecture Scene

The Spanish Colonial revival style was created by architect  George Washington Smith almost a century ago. He quit his Harvard studies to work in bond trading, and moved to Santa Barbara after achieving success. Although planning to retire, Smith continued designing buildings for the community after realizing how much locals loved his home. Today, he is the inspiration to many new artists and considered a founding father to Santa Barbara. Smith used both new and old styles in his work, and his designs are simple yet beautiful. Kenny Slaught says that only a keen eye to detail can create such artistic structures.

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Kenny Slaught Says Good Job Market Really Boosts Home Values

Numerous buyers on the West Coast realize the prices are higher even for older properties due to inflation. The prices have been slowly growing since 2008, According to the Standard & Poor’s Case-Shiller index, prices for Los Angeles properties reached their highest point this April. This was the highest point registered since October 2007. The biggest cities in Southern California went back to the prices before recession. Kenny Slaught explains this happened due to interest rates, supply and demand, as well as job growth. As of now, mortgages with a fixed rate over a 30 year period are about 3.5%, almost as low as the 3.31% registered in November 2012. The low rates and job growth, like a 2.4% growth in Los Angeles County, show why prices raised so much. While homes in California have various prices, the value of properties here is higher than any other state except for Hawaii. The supply is not able to meet the demand, and new home owner prefer to choose less expensive condos.

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Kenny Slaught Demonstrates Bold Leadership In Real Estate

Kenny Slaught, CEO of  Investec Real Estate Companies, went through numerous market cycles with his real estate firm. Having worked in the development field for over 3 decades, he bested trends and conquered unexpected variance. Thanks to his vast experience with acquisitions in California, he explains how to realize what are the best moments to make a purchase. He also talks about the many outside factors that influence the state he grew up in.

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Kenny Slaught On Positive Progress Towards Global Health Made At UCSB

David Low, a UCSB Department of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology professor, will start a groundbreaking research project called “Strategy for development of enteric pathogen-specific phage”, Kenny Slaught explains. The project focuses on fighting antibiotic resistant germs by designing phage that kills bacteria. This is meant to prevent enteric diseases in children. Various T2 lytic bacteriophage will be created. These will bind several areas of the BamA protein, located on the surface of many germs, causing the germs to infect. The other phage will be tested for its ability to destroy E. coli and Shigella.