Kenneth Slaught Discusses Advances In Real Estate Technology

Groundbreaking technological developments have changed America’s real estate industry, making the property management sector both more efficient and profitable. Software and applications which provide numerous online collaborations and –most importantly –workflow automation are increasing in popularity, in large part due they offer prompt access to accurate and consolidated data and information flow. Kenneth Slaught, the founder, and president of Santa Barbara-based Investec Real Estate Companies shares his thoughts on what California developers can do to best apply innovative models and cyber operations in their business strategies.

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Energy Generated from the Hoover Dam is Allocated Across 15 Areas – Kenny Slaught

In the interiors of the dam, the engines room is fixed with 17 generators that create all the energy, where 16 of them are large generators while two smaller ones function as one single generator. These last ones are used to deliver hydroelectric energy to neighbouring communities. Kenny Slaught says that the energy produced from the dam is apportioned across 15 areas. Among the chief energy consumers, Southern California consumes up to 28% of Hoover Dam’s energy, followed by the State of Nevada with 23% and the State of Arizona with 18% of consumption volume. The dam also delivers energy to Native American tribes found in the area. Furthermore, 90% Las Vegas’ water comes from Hoover Dam. The lake formed in the dam is called Lake Mead. At its highest water volume level, it could be the largest water reservoir in the United States. Presently, the Hoover Dam is managed by the United States Bureau of Reclamation and it is known as one of the most breathtaking must-go places to visit in America.

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Kenny Slaught Celebrates Hoover Dam As Nation’s Greatest Hydroelectric Generating Project

Situated adjoining the states of Arizona and Nevada, in the United States, Hoover Dam is an articulate project delivering water and hydroelectric energy to the population of that region, taking advantage of the immense power allowed by the Colorado River. Santa Barbara real estate investor and Kenny Slaught celebrates the success of the project, the region’s access to water, and power resources. Slaught has recently written about Hoover Dam for his blog at, noting that the massive water capacity of the dam transformed many of America’s most dry areas into fast growing centers.

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Kenny Slaught Acknowledges the Impact of Hoover Dam on Water and Power

Located on the edge between the states of Arizona and Nevada, in the United States, Hoover Dam is a great project planned to give water and hydroelectric energy to a large part of that region, making use of the immense power generated by the Colorado River. California-based real estate Kenny Slaught recognizes the impact of the miraculous architectural structure on the communities’ access to water and power resources. Slaught has lately elaborated on Hoover Dam on his blog at, emphasizing that the massive water capacity of the dam had help convert some of America’s most deserted outposts into fast growing economies.  

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