Kenny Slaught – Discusses the History of Architecture in Santa Barbara

Recognized as a world famous tourist destination, this coastal California town, north of Los Angeles, is full of beautiful buildings with a rich history. From Spanish inspired homes to intricately adorned archways and structures, the city was developed with the intention of an appealing design that would limit uncontrolled growth. As a passionate Santa Barbara real estate professional, Kenny Slaught, provides insight into how the architectural integrity was upheld throughout the years. Maintaining the natural charm of this region was intentional and as early as 1925, city planners enacted development controls to prevent demotion of Spanish Colonial architecture. The community was the first in the United States to proactively think about the importance of historic buildings. Controls were put in place and guidelines were designed to preserve unique structures and park spaces. In 1960 Santa Barbara established legal protection for historic landmarks.


Santa Barbara Is Famous For Its Rich Architectural Legacy – Kenny Slaught

Santa Barbara’s fame as a touristic city that entices thousands of visitors each year is a renowned fact. Mostly known for its pleasant weather, spectacular landscapes and particularly for its remarkably rich architectural heritage. Santa Barbara’s constriction designs do not display the similarity of the conventional American architecture because its origins have arisen from the Spanish constructions during the colonization period. Thanks to the city’s flawless architecture portrayed by the touch of ancient days, historic preservation was considered as an essential element in the city planning process. Santa Barbara was one of the earliest communities in the United States that further showcased the historical footprint observed in the local architectural patterns and styles. Famous property developer and successful businessman, Kenny Slaught has thrown insights on the history of Santa Barbara’s architecture by drawing upon the chronology of events that took place in the area. On his blog at, the well-known industry executive has shared a brief timeline of milestones in efforts to help accelerate curious readers’ search for knowledge on the roots of local architecture.   

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Kenny Slaught – Supports Societal Role Of Hoover Dam As Nation’s Greatest Hydroelectric Generating Project

Situated on the border covering the states of Arizona and Nevada, in the United States, Hoover Dam is an immaculate development designed to give water and hydroelectric energy to a major part of that region, taking advantage of the immense power generated by the Colorado River. California-based real estate expert and thoughtful philanthropist Kenny Slaught acknowledges the impact of the miraculous architectural structure on the communities’ access to water and power resources. Slaught has recently talked about Hoover Dam on his blog at, emphasizing that the large water capacity of the dam had help transform some of America’s most deserted outposts into rapidly growing economies. 
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Kenny Slaught Speaks To Skills Gained Through Hospice Mentorship Initiatives

The 2 month long Parenting After Loss program helps people deal with the passing of a family member. The project concentrates on the feeling arising from the event. According to Kenny Slaught, families can grow stronger together after using the tools offered in therapy.

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Kenny Slaught Supports Hospice Of Santa Barbara’s Anticipatory Grief Services Program

The services offered by Hospice of Santa Barbara help those who suffer from terminal illnesses as well as their families. Numerous initiatives address children as they struggle with the death of a close one. While 20 percent of kids lose a parent before reaching 18 years old, one in 20 is faced with the loss of a caretaker before becoming an adult. The Hospice strives to aid those who cope with loss through its many initiatives. According to Kenny Slaught, the programs help in managing depression, anxiety issues, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

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Kenny Slaught Advocates For Hospice Of Santa Barbara

Real estate expert Kenny Slaught supports his community by praising The Youth Bereavement Outreach Program’ offered at Hospice of Santa Barbara. He educated the public regarding the emotional being of children and discussed the initiative on his blog at
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Kenny Slaught Demonstrates Bold Leadership In Real Estate

Kenny Slaught, founder and CEO of Investec Real Estate Companies, kept his business going through many changes over the years. With over 30 years of accumulated experience in the Californian real estate sector, he overcame less favorable times and set up new trends. Having enough expertise in the state’s development and acquisitions market, Slaught explains its nuances. This allows for a better understanding on buying and selling, as well as the external influences that impact California.

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Kenny Slaught On Santa Barbara’s Architecture Gems

George Washington Smith, an architect, created the Spanish Colonial revival style about 100 years ago. He left Harvard to work in bond trading, and moved to Santa Barbara after becoming successful. Smith’s plan was to pursue his hobbies, however, he decided to continue designing for the community after learning that locals admired his work. He brought authentic materials from Spain and merged the old with the new in his architecture. Today. Smith seen as a Santa Barbara founding father, and many artists followed his lead. Kenny Slaught acknowledges the meticulous mind needed to create such artists pieces.

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Slaught Discusses EMDR’s Benefits For PTSD Sufferers

Kenny Slaught explains that clients of the Hospice of Santa Barbara are provided innovative therapies. While managing grief is challenging, there is a new therapy proved to assist people in overcoming difficult times. Those who have PTSD feel strong negative emotions when recalling a past trauma, just like people who are grieving. EMDR enables for these painful emotions to be processed. EMDR uses dual stimulation, a combination of bilateral eye movements and sounds. The client will focus on the trauma in a safe environment while paying attention to the external stimulus. Therapists will then aid individuals in mitigating the negative feelings and make different associations with the triggers they are experiencing.

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Kenny Slaught Recognizes Historical Significance Of Santa Barbara Architecture

Real estate expert Kenny Slaught recognizes the impact of architectural roots on Santa Barbara’s buildings. Slaught highlights the Spanish influence that is still present in the city’s structures on his blog at He also shares details about how the construction industry in Santa Barbara evolved, and how the city implemented guidelines to keep the original style from getting lost.

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