Kenny Slaught – Raising Awareness Of Hoover Dam

The ground-breaking order built during the American Great Depression period was constructed between 1931 and 1936, at a cost of $49 million dollars, explains Kenny Slaught. The dam was originally known as Boulder Dam, but was later transformed to Hoover Dam to honor then-President Herbert Hoover and his significant contributions to the completion of this unusual project. It stands at 221 meters in height, is 379 meters in length, and contains more than 35.000 cubic kilometers of total capacity, allowing more than 4.2 billion kWh2 per year of power.

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Kenny Slaught – Supports Societal Role Of Hoover Dam As Nation’s Greatest Hydroelectric Generating Project

Situated on the border covering the states of Arizona and Nevada, in the United States, Hoover Dam is an immaculate development designed to give water and hydroelectric energy to a major part of that region, taking advantage of the immense power generated by the Colorado River. California-based real estate expert and thoughtful philanthropist Kenny Slaught acknowledges the impact of the miraculous architectural structure on the communities’ access to water and power resources. Slaught has recently talked about Hoover Dam on his blog at, emphasizing that the large water capacity of the dam had help transform some of America’s most deserted outposts into rapidly growing economies.  
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Kenny Slaught On Important Pieces Of Santa Barbara’s History

The Spanish Colonial Revival was the United States engineering development trend created in the mid twentieth century. The trend took the Spanish Colonial engineering for outlining a few urban areas that were first Spanish settlements and after that they wound up just like American urban areas. A noteworthy part of this tradition can be found in California. After a seismic tremor rocked the state in 1925, Santa Barbara mastered this style for re-planning the city. The development was established by architect George Washington Smith who moved to Montecito after leaving Harvard. The historical trend of El Pueblo Viejo style stems from Roman and Parisian laws. It intends to safeguard history through Hispanic engineering, a style that is significantly impacted by the engineering of the “white-washed urban areas” of Andalusia in Southern Spain. In Santa Barbara, vernacular structures are stemmed from the reaction of the regular habitat and the locally accessible materials. Kenny Slaught is proud to note that Hispanic buildings around there are in vast part described by the “simplicity, rustic economy, excellence in craftsmanship and honest expression of material”. Structures established in Santa Barbara pass on vernacular high quality arranged to the daylight. Besides, hues are additionally related with regular habitat, yellow, red, orange and white and the area’s climate.

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Kenny Slaught Acknowledges the Significance of Architectural Trends and Traditions in Santa Barbara

Famous for his philanthropy and sincere interest in American history of arts and urban design, California-based entrepreneur Kenny Slaught recognizes the influence of immaculate architectural trends and behaviours on Santa-Barbara’s current construction industry. As Slaught emphasizes the Spanish inspired buildings and complexly designed archways and structures stretched along this small coastal town of the Golden State on his blog at, he further explains on the history of constructional increase in Santa Barbara and provides insights into how architectural trends evolved as the government tried to standardise the unrestrained housing growth over a century.

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Kenny Slaught Recognizes Historical Significance Of Santa Barbara Architecture

Known for his altruism and genuine interest in American history of arts and urban design, California-based entrepreneur Kenny Slaught acknowledges the impact of impeccable architectural trends and traditions on Santa-Barbara’s construction industry. As Slaught emphasizes the Spanish inspired buildings and intricately designed archways and structures stretched along this small coastal town of the Golden State on his blog at, he further elaborates on the history of constructional upsurge in Santa Barbara and provides insights into how architectural trends evolved as the government tried to smooth the uncontrolled housing growth over a century.

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Kenny Slaught Notes Charitable Initiative Providing Insight For Better Community Outreach

Annually, the symposium allows educators, artists, donors, and local not-for-profits to meet students and members of the community and discuss the state of arts education in the area. This incredible initiative provides insight and direction for forming better, more focused programs in the future. Other education outreach projects include a drive to collect instruments to donate to students in need, grants for local programs that wish to make use of resources available at the Santa Barbara Bowl, and funding for college students pursuing the performing arts. Additionally, notes Kenny Slaught, the foundation finances a children’s program at Cottage Hospital and various in-school and after-school programs, particularly in neighborhoods feeling the concert season at the Santa Barbara Bowl. The Notes for Notes program, however, connects students with free instruments and lessons. A massive volunteer committee oversees the educational outreach projects.

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Kenny Slaught Stands As Ongoing Advocate For Local Charities

The Santa Barbara Bowl is a large-scale outdoor music venue aiming to make the arts accessible to the larger community with a number of educational outreach initiatives. Annually, the foundation funds initiatives that reach nearly 20,000 students through non-profit arts classes, regional artists, and area schools. Ongoing advocate of regional philanthropy, Santa Barbara real estate developer and investor, Kenny Slaught continues to promote these initiatives on his blog at

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Kenny Slaught Discusses Local Services For Youth Suffering Loss Of Loved One

Kenny Slaught notes that Hospice of Santa Barbara delivers a wide range of services not only for those facing terminal and chronic illness, but also for their families. Many of the organization’s programs focus on the needs of children as they struggle with the impending or recent passing of a family member. Around 20 percent of children suffer the death of a loved one prior to turning 18, and one in 20 children sees the loss of one or both parents before they reach adulthood. Hospice of Santa Barbara seeks to provide those in these situations with free mentorship through numerous programs. This support helps children cope with their grief to avoid or alleviate depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

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Kenny Slaught Discusses Benefits Of Hospice Youth Support Initiatives

Kenny Slaught endorses Hospice of Santa Barbara for building an active presence at local school campuses of all levels, from elementary school to college. Volunteers visit campuses and organize weekly support groups for students experiencing traumatic or complex scenarios and requiring a safe space in which to discuss their thoughts and feelings. On-campus groups aim to create open atmospheres that encourage self-reflection and boost critical coping skills. Effective coping skills help adolescents avoid drugs, alcohol, and other forms of self-medication. In addition to direct work with students, the hospice volunteers offer training to faculty and staff members about how to communicate with students who are dealing with trauma and how to handle their questions about death, most notably violent deaths and suicide. Each of the 65 schools in the Hospice of Santa Barbara network can call on the organization around the clock to respond to a traumatic situation quickly and successfully.

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Kenny Slaught Advocates For Hospice Of Santa Barbara

California-based real estate entrepreneur and visionary philanthropist, Kenny Slaught has demonstrated a lifelong commitment to bettering the communities where his business operates. To Follow his corporate social responsibility mission, he has been an ongoing advocate for the Hospice of Santa Barbara’s ‘The Youth Bereavement Outreach Program’. In efforts to boost public awareness of how important children’s emotional wellbeing is, Slaught has recently highlighted the program via his blog at

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