Kenny Slaught Talks Santa Barbara’s Spanish Colonial Architecture

The Spanish Colonial architecture of Santa Barbara is discussed in depth by local real estate professional and founder of Investec Real Estate Companies, Kenny Slaught. He points out the unique traits of style of architecture, such as intricately adorned archways. He also discusses the history behind the arrival of the movement to the area that led to the popularity of the architectural design.

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Kenny Slaught Speaks To Skills Gained Through Hospice Mentorship Initiatives

The Parenting After Loss program runs eight weeks in length and is a support group for parents and guardians, as well as their children, following the death of a parent or sibling. The community support and care received in this program is built specifically around the emotional and practical reactions to tragic loss within a family unit. Kenny Slaught points out that via participation in the program, families master the tools they need to communicate with each other and effectively grow stronger as a group after experiencing the loss.

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Kenny Slaught Posts About GCE Grant For UCSB

Kenny Slaught, an active member and supporter of UCSB Foundation, has recently posted on his blog at that “The University of California Santa Barbara announced on May 26, 2016 that it is a Grand Challenges Explorations grant winner.” He extends his congratulations to the university.

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