Kenny Slaught – Crowdfunding Benefitting State Economy

Modern apps and the intuitive programs allow investors and builders to access a large variety of properties in many locations, Kenny Slaught says. The 2012  Jumpstart Our Business Startup Act made crowdfunding possible, and allowed for real estate private funding. While this practice was not previously possible, it became legal along with the new act. Anyone who is worth  $1,000,000 minus their properties, or an annual income of $200,000 can become an investor. Families with an income of $300,000 can also become investors if they file together. The new laws enabled borrowers and lenders in California to engage in debt and equity financing without the need of an intermediary. Owners and sponsors can use the online marketplace to find the latest real estate offerings, perform due diligence, and view the performance of their assets. 

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